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Using ssh with public keys to the Digi CM and Digi Passport.

SSH clients tested.

    Linux via OpenSSH:
        From Linux (client):
        adduser joe
        su joe
        ssh-keygen -t dsa
        This creates file $HOME/.ssh/
        On the Digi CM/Passport:
        Via the WEB UI under System Administration-Users Admin
        Add user joe
        Enable SSHv2
        Browse and upload $HOME/.ssh/

    On Linux, once logged in as joe run ssh -l joe -p 7002

    PuTTY windows client:
        Generate the key in PuTTYgen.
        Cut & Paste the Public key to "notepad" as displayed in the PuTTYgen window
        (do not use the "save" key in PuTTY Gen). Now save it as a "notepad" text file.
        Save the private key via the "save" button in PuTTYgen.
        Upload the Public Key to the CM/Passport.

    SecureCRT windows client:
        Generate the keys and save.
        Copy the Public key to "notepad" and add "ssh-dss" and a space right before the keys.
        Also, take out all line breaks so it is one long key.
        Upload the Public Key to CM/Passport.

    F-Secure windows client:
        Edit the profile and under Settings, change Authentication to use "Public Keys".
        Load the Profile AND then Generate the keys (generated under settings-user keys).
        In windows, the keys are saved in C:\Documents and Settings\ronk\Application Data\F-Secure SSH\UserKeys.
        Keep the original key pair on the client.
        Modify the original Public Key, adding "ssh-dss" (or ssh-rsa) and a space at the very beginning of the key (the key
        usually starts with AAA). Remove all line breaks within the key itself (do not remove breaks within the header).
        Save this as a different file name. Example of a modified DSA public key:

        ---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----
        Comment: "[1024-bit dsa, ronk@RONK3, Mon Sep 29 2003 18:59:32] [1024-bit dsa, ronk@RONK3, Mon Sep 29 2003 18:59:44]"
        ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAL/KJbL5+L4ZDHSuYpHaAd/7CzKw4j920P5RvvSXhz/pT7Cu5K3EnHaVTVwwd
        ---- END SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----

        Upload the modified Public Key to the Digi CM/Passport.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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