Verizon Upgrade

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Dear Valued Digi Customer,

Recently, Verizon notified cellular product manufacturers of a software defect present in Intel chipsets utilized by several cellular modem vendors. Digi uses some of these third party cellular modems in some of our products.

This software defect will make these modems incompatible with Verizon’s future network software release and associated network device requirements. Verizon has advised that all devices must be patched by March 30, 2019 to ensure uninterrupted operation. A failure to implement a timely patch could render your ability to patch an impacted device via remote communication impossible.

Digi is currently working with each of our modem vendors to identify the list of modems affected and the corresponding Digi products that have incorporated these modems. At this time, we believe that the following Digi product families are affected:

Digi Connect Sensor+
Digi Connect Sensor Telit Modem Firmware Update - Verizon
  • CSENSE-A200
  • CSENSE-A210
  • CSENSE-A310
Digi TransPort WR11
Digi Transport WR11, WR21, and WR31 Telit Modem Firmware Update - Verizon
  • WR11-M600-DE1-XB
Digi TransPort WR21
Digi Transport WR11, WR21, and WR31 Telit Modem Firmware Update - Verizon
  • WR21-M52A-DE1-TB
  • WR21-M52B-DE1-SB
Digi TransPort WR31
Digi Transport WR11, WR21, and WR31 Telit Modem Firmware Update - Verizon
  • WR31-M52A-DE1-TB
Digi XBee Industrial Gateway
Digi XBee Industrial Gateway Telit Modem Firmware Update - Verizon
  • XGI-2PCZ7-EL1-W0
ConnectPort X4H
X4H Digi ConnectPort X4H Telit Modem Firmware Update-Verizon
  • X4H-Z1U-L301-US

When you click on the links above your will find instructions on how to complete the firmware upgrades for each of the identified Digi products. The upgrade instructions are also available on the Digi Support site for each product.

Additional Resources and Services

  • Continue to watch this website for any additional updates.
  • Contact the Digi Technical Support team at tech.support@digi.com with questions.

As always, Digi is here to help. The Digi Professional Services team offers expert consulting services for enterprises that need technical assistance with device upgrades. Contact professional.services@digi.com if you would like to review options for updating your devices.

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