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Digi Remote Manager (DRM) 3.0 for IoT Devices

Jul 31, 2019 | Length: 0:59

See how a comprehensive IoT device management application for secure asset monitoring and control will help you get better insights to make better IoT operating decisions.

Gain a single point of contact with Digi Remote Manager® (DRM 3.0) with your IoT devices, whether Digi or not. Know what is happening to each and every one of your assets with a complete status report on their health, and receive instant notices when something isn’t operating properly –with the device or the network.
Perform faster troubleshooting with batch updates of similar devices all at once, not individually. Cloud and edge software tools make mass updates fast and simple. Most critically, ensure both your devices and network is secure, especially important when you consider that most are under constant cyberattack.
See how easier updates, faster troubleshooting, stronger security and better insights all add up to more informed business decisions on how to best operate your IoT infrastructure…with DRM 3.0 from Digi.
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