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Ideco Develops Biometric Technology Solution with Digi ConnectCore® 6

May 16, 2017 | Length: 2:30

Digi ConnectCore® 6 gives Ideco the processing horsepower they need to take cumbersome biometric collection and verification systems and turning them into a compact and portable unit so customers can quickly profile and confirm an individual’s identity onsite.

Ideco partnered with Digi to develop a more compact and robust individual identity verification system that combines all biometric data inputs into a new multifunctional unit that can process real-time data, securely maintain the database via Wi-Fi, and power two touchscreens and a printer all in a single device. Previously, multiple systems were required for each biometric making data collection and identity verification more difficult and time consuming. Digi ConnectCore® 6 helped Ideco compress and combine the larger systems into the size of a large laptop computer.


Ideco Biometrics exclusively focus on identities. Biometrics is the only way to definitively identify a person. Once you implement biometrics, you can know exactly that you're talking to the right person.

The first part of the process is to scan some sort of identity document. The second part of the process could be capturing the fingerprints. The third part could be making sure the facial portrait of the person is correctly stored. Thereafter, we can have a sample of his voice, for call center identification purposes as an example. We can capture the iris of the person. We also have technology that looks at the palm vein structure, one of the most secure type of biometrics available on the world market.

And it can be applied in so many different applications, with its better enrolment or migration control applications, it doesn't matter. It's totally portable. It's fully configurable. It caters for all the necessary biometric profiles. It's totally secure in terms of handling the privacy or managing the privacy of the data that we're processing. The processing of all these activity from one single quad-core processor is a critical component in obviously facilitating the effectiveness of the unit.

After a lot of research, we have decided to use the Digi ConnectCore 6 processor for a few specific reasons. There are, on the one side, a lot of technological advantages on the processor itself. There's a lot of connectivity capability on the processor. The power usage of the processor is extremely efficient in a contained solution that we've got. That's quite important, also the dissipation characteristics of the processor, also the longevity of the technology itself. We know that what we're starting to manufacture today will have a lifespan of at least a few years going forward in future.

But in addition to all the technical benefits of using the Digi technology, the support we have received from Digi was actually superb, even to the extent we had certain...certain custom development was actually done for Ideco through Digi, because we had to do some fancy work with the technology itself.