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Introducing the Innovative SMTplus Surface Mount Form Factor

Jan 26, 2017 | Length: 1:14

Digi SMTplus is designed for automated placement in low and high volume applications to deliver exceptional durability.

The ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL module delivers a secure and cost-effective System-on-Module (SOM) platform. Its patent-pending Digi SMTplus® surface mount form factor allows you to choose a simple design using edge-castellated SMT technology, or a versatile LGA option for more design freedom with access to virtually all interfaces.


The new and innovative Digi SMTplus form factor provides both edge castellated and LGA mounting options.

Digi SMTplus is designed for automated placement in low and high volume applications, and both of these surface mount options deliver exceptional durability to withstand high shock and vibration.

And standing at just 3.5 mm tall, the ConnectCore 6UL is ideal for compact, low profile, connected devices. With its compact form factor and industrial grade components, you can count on reliability, optimized thermal efficiency, and you eliminate board-to-board connector costs.

Edge castellations are ideal for simpler product designs. They help you to reduce the layer count of your carrier board and provide the most cost-effective design integration, including the ability to hand-solder prototypes.

Or, to build more fully featured product designs, the LGA mounting option provides complete design freedom with reliable manufacturing.

Get your products to market smarter, faster and more secure with Digi ConnectCore 6UL SOM with Digi SMTplus.