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Otis Elevator’s Predictive Maintenance Solution

Sep 05, 2019 | Length: 2:07

With two million elevators worldwide, and more than 30,000 field technicians maintaining them, Otis Elevator wanted to find a way to proactively predict problems and provide the most optimal service to its customers. Using Digi technology, Otis developed a predictive maintenance solution. Ezhil Nanjappan, Director of IoT and Mobility, tells the story.

Otis elevators move more than one billion people daily in more than 200 countries. Maintaining that equipment is the job of many thousands of field technicians. But the job of identifying problems and reporting on them as quickly as possible to enable proactive response times is the job of a connected IoT solution.
Learn how the Otis ONE™ predictive maintenance solution utilizes Digi technology to rapidly detect issues and send data to the cloud where it can be distributed to applications utilized by customers and field technicians.
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