Cloud Based Emergency Remote SMS wake up for Industrial Sensors

Digi International
December 07, 2015
Out-of-Band encrypted SMS control system: Accelerated Emergency Remote
Out-of-Band encrypted SMS control system: Accelerated Emergency Remote™ saves money and gives powerful flexibility to your Internet of Things deployments.
All Accelerated products are centrally managed with our cloud-based management portal, Accelerated View™. This secure portal allows you to rapidly deploy and manage a large number of remote locations. From Accelerated View™, you can remotely monitor, configure and update single devices or groups of Accelerated devices.
A key feature of Accelerated View provides Out-of-Band access to your Accelerated devices using an encrypted SMS control system: Accelerated Emergency Remote™.  Accelerated Emergency Remote gives you access to your Accelerated devices through the alternative cellular SMS network should your primary wired network access fail.  Having SMS control of Accelerated devices allows you to avoid costly on-site service technician visits.
Beyond avoiding technician visits, Accelerated Emergency Remote can be used for more than just emergencies, it can be a tool to help you manage and configure your IoT deployments with the flexibility to remain in control of your devices regardless of network health.
Accelerated Emergency Remote is Prepared for Disaster, Disruption and Keeps You in Control
The Accelerated 6300-CX is a powerful device designed to solve existing network problems by extending wired network solutions to include highly reliable cellular connectivity. Combining the Accelerated 6300-CX with Accelerated Emergency Remote brings flexibility and efficiency to the Internet of Things (IOT) marketplace.
One such possible use case is Industrial sensors. If you have a distributed network of sensors designed for disaster alerting, having 1000s of sensors all call in at the same time may cause an unintended distributed denial of service (DDoS).
Deploying your sensors with a 6300-CX LTE Router extends your solution to include OOB cellular access for failover and management. Accelerated Emergency Remote can be used to implement an innovative solution to the potential DDoS condition, allowing “cloud based” scalable management for your IOT sensors through secure SMS “wake up” messaging.  Accelerated Emergency Remote would allow you to wake up a remote IOT sensor (or group of sensors) with a secure SMS. The connection to these IOT sensors can be “just in time” or only when needed thus helping avoid a DDoS situation during an outage as well as help control your bandwidth ROI during normal day to day monitoring.
Accelerated’s remote SMS recovery is a secure SMS communication tool.