Increase Revenues With Temporary Pop-Up Stores & Reliable Wireless WAN Solutions

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November 03, 2015

Retail Business Opportunity

Retailers often generate as much as 50% of their annual sales during the holiday season. With unoccupied retail space available in many locations, temporary pop-up stores are the perfect strategy to dramatically increase revenues for the year.

As with all businesses nowadays, youll need a good internet connection to run your business and prevent downtime. When a traditional internet connection is not possible (think running cables in a shopping mall) or not cost effective, consider your requirements:

Do You Need...
  • A reliable network for applications and POS transactions
  • Fast site turn-ups / disconnections
  • Simple to deploy
  • No long term commitments

If this sounds familiar Wireless WAN connectivity could be the perfect fit.

Accelerated Case Study: 6300-CX LTE Router

A major toy retailer planned deployment of temporary ‘pop-up’ stores (shopping malls, empty strip center space, etc.) to increase holiday revenue. One challenge faced with their ‘pop-up’ store model was getting reliable network connectivity (for POS) to these temporary locations. They needed a simple, distributed solution for connectivity that worked within the limitations all locations.

The Plan:

  • Identify up to 800 locations for Pop-up stores locations
  • Sign short term leases at each of the location with intention to convert high revenue locations to permanent sites

Roll-out Strategy:

  • Preferred wireless carrier ran “outdoor” coverage report
  • A WWAN device to be installed at each site

    • Single, simple solution that can distributed quickly across all locations

  • Accelerated LTE Router was selected to provide:

    • Multiple carrier options depending on location
    • Ability to extend the cellular connection with power of Ethernet if needed
    • Easy to deploy within store limitations (no cable runs)
    • Easy to manage centrally from corporate location with Digi Remote Manager

The Final Pop-up Store Project Results with Accelerated:

  • Retailer implemented the Accelerated LTE Router solution at all temporary stores
  • Deployed over 90% of the stores sites with their preferred carrier
  • Remaining 10% of locations serviced with alternative Carrier
  • Successfully captured new revenue at the peak season
  • Able to grow permanent store count with proven store locations
  • Prepared to implement this business model annually

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