Introducing XCTU 6.3

Digi International Digi International
December 11, 2015

A new version of everyones favorite XBee configuration software, XCTU, is here! Among a few small updates like a refreshed look and feel, UI enhancements, and minor bug fixes, the XBee team has introduced three brand new features to the software. Heres a look at what youll find in XCTU 6.3.

Command Line Interface Support

New to XCTU is Command Line Interface (CLI) Support. Now, users can execute the application in CLI mode without the graphic interface. This is primarily useful for scripting and automation purposes when managing large scale XBee deployments. The following features are supported within CLI mode:

  • List ports - A list of serial and USB ports can be retrieved in command line mode.xctu_welcome
  • Update firmware - Firmware of any radio device can be updated in this mode.
  • Load profile - Now it is possible to load profiles to connected devices through the CLI of XCTU.

Spectrum Analyzer

From within the XCTU interface, users can test and measure the spectrum of the radios band. The analysis displays average, maximum, and minimum values of each channel. This is helpful to determine which channel to set your XBee radios to and troubleshoot network issues.

Throughput Tool

With the Throughput Tool users can measure the maximum transfer ratio from one radio module to another within the same network. The tool provides three session modes and several payload configuration options to test different combinations and understand the performance of your wireless network.


If you havent already updated from within XCTU, just click here to download the software to your computer. Have fun and if you have questions feel free to tweet us at @XBeeWireless.