LCD Text Display with Digi XBee Radios

Rob Faludi Rob Faludi, IoT Consultant,
January 09, 2018

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Assemble the Parts
  3. Configure the Radio
  4. Wire up the Circuit
  5. Use it!

1) Introduction

Words are how humans communicate. An inexpensive LCD text display can be the most economical way to make your project talk to people, and its easy to make a wireless one with a Digi XBee radio.
Digi XBee radios in transparent mode generate plain text right out of their serial port. By pairing the Digi XBee with an LCD that has a serial backpack, any text you send to your Digi XBee will show up directly on the electronic screen. You can use control codes to clear the display, move the cursor or smoothly scroll the text in either direction. Build this example for inexpensive wireless text output. Its the fastest way for your project to gain human communications!

2) Assemble the Parts

iDigi POSTing from the Internet.

Create a Twitter display for your office door, prototype a quiz game toy that teaches math or add interactive instructions to your automated greenhouse watering system. This LCD is a great way to make the things you make talk to people!