Digi Responds to Verizon Public Static IPv4 Service Extension Period

Digi takes additional steps to ease transition from current Verizon Public Static IPv4 service to the new Verizon Persistent Prefix IPv6 service, upon Verizon statement of IPv4 service extension.

Verizon announced Tuesday, July 11, 2017 that it has increased Public Static IPv4 reserves so that the availability of new Public Static IPv4 address assignments will be extended through mid-2018, not June 30, 2017 as had been previously reported. Existing Digi customer lines of service with Verizon-assigned Public Static IPv4 addresses will continue to be supported with no changes required. Additionally, Digi will release a firmware update for Digi TransPort® LTE routers supporting IPv6 by August, 2017.

In order to ensure future availability for Digi customers, Verizon has implemented a policy that allows up to 500 new Public Static IPv4 addresses to be requested in any thirty (30) day period. Larger requests may be accommodated following a more detailed review of your business requirements.

Please note as provided in the Verizon Wireless IP Address Assignment and Usage Policy, reserved addresses must be activated within ninety (90) days or are subject to being released for assignment to other customers. Both Digi and Verizon will continue to keep you informed as we move toward the new Persistent Prefix IPv6 service. Visit the Digi website here to access all available supporting information related to IPv4/IPv6 products. Or, contact your Verizon sales representative for more information.

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