Digi International Introduces Versatile Digi IX20 Router for Industrial, Remote Location Monitoring and for Unattended Retail and Digital Signage Applications

Industrial router provides rugged, right-sized connectivity to support industrial infrastructure, critical assets, digital signage, retail kiosks, and service terminals

HOPKINS, Minn., June 29, 2020 – Digi International®, (NASDAQ: DGII, www.digi.com), a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services, today launched the Digi IX20, the only industrial router providing adaptable, right-sized connectivity in industrial infrastructure, location monitoring, and unattended retail applications. The Digi IX20 also offers advanced security and redundancy features for reliable performance in harsh environments.

The Digi IX20 integrates with Digi Remote Manager®, an IoT device monitoring application that that provides secure remote monitoring and control, enables automated firmware and software updates, and brings simple, comprehensive management of intelligent routers. This application unlocks the full potential of the IX20 both by simplifying the road to data-driven insights and the performance of the router itself, including uptime and failover (Digi SureLink®) and security (Digi TrustFence®) features.

Digi IX20 uses Digi CORE® plug-in modems that provide user-selectable connectivity while maintaining the ability to change or upgrade connectivity protocols without replacing the router. Meanwhile, its serial interface easily fits into most deployments without requiring a redesign.

Digi IX20 is a versatile router with features to supports a wide range of applications and use cases from critical industrial monitoring to self-service retail kiosks. Key features include:

  • Manageability – With Digi Remote Manager, a comprehensive compliance and security management application that provides centralized device management. It supports easy setup, mass configuration, control, and maintenance from a single pane of glass. It provides real-time view of network and device health and compliance, sending notifications when an alert is triggered, diagnosing and potentially repairing remote devices without the need to deploy a technician. Digi Remote Manager brings an increased ease of use and high level of product and network understanding unlocking the full potential of the Digi IX20.
  • Reliability – In addition to dual SIMs for failover, Digi SureLink maintains cellular connections under adverse conditions, provides reliable uptime for mission-critical applications. Smart load balancing between cellular and Ethernet WANs, dual APNs, and configurable APN search simplify deployment and reduce setup time.
  • Flexibility – The Digi IX20 offers optional Wi-Fi with serial RS-232 (DB9), Ethernet, and cellular LTE CAT-4 connectivity. Customers can add their own edge compute algorithms with Python support and native Linux applications.
  • Security – The integrated Digi TrustFence security framework combines secure boot, protected hardware ports, and secure connections with the latest encryption protocols.
  • Ruggedness – Whether in the factory, oilfield, or outdoor digital signage, the Digi IX20 operates in a wide range of temperatures and is built to withstand the harshest environments. Digi’s new router is rated IP30 and has been tested for operation in -40F to +158F (-40C to +70C).

“Industrial IoT applications and unattended retail operations continue to be a priority for Digi," said Brian Kirkendall, Vice President, Product Management at Digi International. "We remain focused on solutions that bring flexibility, reliability, and security. The IX20 extends that commitment with an industrial-grade router that offers multiple connectivity paths, a secure OS, and edge intelligence.”

The Digi IX20 is certified and available in the U.S., Canada, Europe (and countries that honor CE), Australia, New Zealand, and Columbia.  Certifications are in progress for, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries.

For more information on the Digi IX20, visit: https://www.digi.com/products/networking/cellular-routers/industrial/digi-ix20

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