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Customer Stories / Owlet Nightshift by Schréder Reduces Maintenance and Energy Costs While Keeping Residents Safe

Owlet Nightshift by Schréder Reduces Maintenance and Energy Costs While Keeping Residents Safe

"Digi had the expertise to help us develop the strategy to bring the solution to market in the most efficient way. Now, it’s saving cities around the world hundreds of thousands of dollars a year."
-Ryan Morgan, Schréder’s North America marketing manager

Owlet Nightshift is an intelligent digital street lighting system for monitoring, controlling and metering street lighting. The system was developed by Schréder, an organization dedicated to creating high quality outdoor luminaries for the sustainable well being of urban and rural communities.

Business Challenge

Local municipalities are tasked with providing services and infrastructures that help citizens maintain a safe, active and happy lifestyle. From illuminating roadways to providing visibility on sidewalks for pedestrians, municipal lighting is one of the most valuable and necessary systems. But, most lighting infrastructures are built on antiquated and inefficient technologies. They require large teams to maintain and respond to lighting failures. Lighting maintenance can account for over 40% of a city's energy expenses.

With their experience in building systems that contribute to the sustainable well being of urban and rural communities, the team at Schréder knew this didn’t have to be the case in today’s connected world. They set out to answer the question: “What if the lights in our cities could be intelligent and self-aware?”

The first step? Schréder needed a partner to provide reliable and scalable wireless technology. Digi was the obvious choice for its decades of experience in deploying connectivity and M2M solutions.

“We knew we needed a trusted partner, with experience in creating complete M2M solutions," said Ryan Morgan, Schréder’s North America marketing manager. “Digi International not only had all of the pieces we needed in one place, they have the technical background and expertise to help us develop the strategy to bring the solution to life, and to market, in the most efficient way. Now, the system is up, running and saving cities around the world hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.”


Utilizing Digi’s hardware for connectivity, Schréder created Owlet, a solution that enables cities to retrofit aging lighting infrastructures with long lasting intelligent technology. Each intelligent light is equipped with a high performance LED array and a Digi XBee® ZigBee module. The XBee modules enable groups of lights to form a ZigBee mesh network, which connects to a cellular WAN—a Digi ConnectPort® X4 cellular gateway.


When connected, every lighting point can be monitored and the lighting program can be changed using Owlet’s web based management tools from a technician at a desktop or with a handheld smart device, anywhere with access to the Internet.

Municipalities also don’t have to wait for a citizen to report an outage or check lights via scheduled inspections. The lights themselves can tell the city when they need to be serviced or replaced. Lights powered by Owlet and Digi can even increase lighting on-demand to compensate for a failure in the network while the issue is being repaired. When lights are intelligent, they can sense when they need to be brighter, dimmer or even turn off completely.


Today, Owlet helps cities save up to 85% on energy costs.

  • Energy saving 8%-10% - Energy-saving methods are already integrated in the software to make the best and most efficient use of LED technologies.
  • Energy saving 25% - Instead of a constant state of full output that consumes a great deal of energy, Owlet can dim LED arrays to the required level and save up to 25% in power.
  • Energy saving 30%-40% - Customers can define dimming profiles, which provide roads with a reduced light level at night when it is quiet and more light during peak times like rush hour.

And, with reduced CO2 emissions, the system also helps to protect the environment.

Routine diagnostics can be executed from a centralized location eliminating the need for road closures while workers visit and inspect every lighting location of the network. Over its lifetime, an Owlet solution will save a municipality up to 90% by creating operational efficiencies.

Continuous fault monitoring reduces maintenance costs, and the system extends the life of the LED arrays, which also results in lower maintenance and purchasing costs. Driving down roads to check lights is a thing of the past. When the system reports a problem, technicians can go directly to the lamp and repair it or postpone and plan maintenance as multiple units approach end of life or require system maintenance/cleaning.

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