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Digi Cloud Support Services Terms and Conditions

This document explains the support services (“Support Services”) provided by Digi International, Inc. (“Digi” or "we" and related pronouns) to Customers of our Cloud Services.  The term “Cloud Service” refers to Digi Device CloudSM, the Digi Remote ManagerSM edition of Device Cloud, or another edition of Device Cloud, as the case may be.   The term “Customer” (also referred to by “you” and related pronouns) means a customer for a Cloud Service who has a current account for that service (an "Account") and is entitled to active support under a support plan.

A. Support Requests
As long as there are no past due amounts owing on your Account, you may submit requests (each, a “Support Request”) for us to provide Support Service, as described herein, to address Problems with the applicable Cloud Service.
  1. Standard Hours of Support: 7:00 am – 5:30 pm, Central U.S. Time, excluding weekends and holidays.
  2. Method of Contact:  Support Requests may be made by phone to our Customer Support Center at (+1) 952-912-3150, during normal Hours of Support Operation or online at www.digi.com/support.
  3. Content:  Support Requests are to include:
    • Customer name and contract number (if applicable),
    • Name and contact information of person reporting problem,
    • Description of the problem and symptoms, and
    • Steps taken to attempt to resolve problem
  4. Designated Support Contacts: For security reasons, you must provide us with a list of names and phone numbers of your representative(s) who have been designated as support contacts to the Cloud account.  You may designate up to 3 support contacts.
  5. Support; Rates.  Support Services are provided subject to our then-current support practices and rates, which are subject to change without notice and in our sole discretion.

B. Response to Support Requests
  1. Definitions:
    1. A “Response” is an acknowledgement (phone or email) of a trouble ticket you deliver to us (a “Trouble Ticket”).
    2. “Problem” is a failure of the Cloud service to provide the Services in accordance with the Terms of Service, classified into three severity levels, as follows:
      • A “Severity 1 Problem” is a Problem that causes an outage of the applicable Cloud Service such that no Registered Devices can connect to the Services to transmit or receive management or application data.
      • A “Severity 2 Problem” is a Problem that causes a significant failure or degradation in performance of the applicable Cloud Services, but does not rise to the level of a Severity 1 Problem.
      • A “Severity 3 Problem” is a Problem that causes a minor failure or degradation in performance of the Cloud services but does not rise to the level of Severity 2 Problem.
  2. Our Response:  Upon our receipt of a Support Request from you via telephone (response time targets not applicable to requests made via email or through our Cloud Services platform), we will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Response within the following target response times:
    Problem Level Target Response Time
    Severity 1 Problem within thirty (30) minutes (24 hours per day, 365 days per year)
    Severity 2 Problem within sixty (60) minutes (during Standard Hours of Support described above)
    Severity 3 Problem within one (1) business day
  3. Escalation process:  If you believe the Problem severity level need should be increased or that we have exceeded the target response times, you may request escalation of the Problem by contacting the Customer Support Center at 952-912-3150.  Escalation will be at our sole discretion and per our then-current support practices.
  4. Your Assistance: You or your representative must be available during the resolution process to explain and/or describe the problem if Technical Support deems it necessary.  Timely resolution of the problem may require you to provide supporting evidence of the problem.