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To protect its brand, Digi International establishes the minimum price guidelines at which an Authorized Reseller may advertise Digi International products (“MAP”). Digi International does not dictate the price at which an authorized Digi Channel Partner resells its products. However, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Digi International requires all Authorized Channel Partners to adhere to the MAP guidelines outlined below (and as modified by Digi International from time to time in its sole discretion) for products sold individually or bundled with other third party products or services.

All Products listed will have a MAP retail price. Listing a price lower than the MAP retail price next to the featured MAP Product in any advertising will be viewed as a violation of this MAP Policy. This MAP Policy applies to all advertisement of MAP Products in any and all media, including, without limitation, flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines catalogs, mail order catalogs, internet or similar electronic media including websites, forums, email newsletters, email solicitations, television, radio, and public signage. Such website features as “Click for price”, automated “bounce – back” pricing e-mails, pre-formatted e-mail responses, forms, automatic price display for any items prior to being placed in a customer’s shopping cart, and other similar features are considered to be communications initiated by the reseller (rather than by the customer) and this constitutes “advertising” under this MAP Policy. This MAP policy does not prohibit manual responses to price inquiries initiated by potential customers. This MAP Policy also applies to any activity which Digi International determines, in its sole discretion, is designed or intended to circumvent the intent of this MAP Policy, such as solicitations for ‘group purchases’ and the like.

The MAP policy does not establish maximum advertised prices. All Channel Partners may offer Digi’s products at any price in excess of the MAP established for such product.

The MAP policy does not in any way limit the ability of any Channel Partner to advertise that “they have the lowest prices” or, they “will meet or beat any competitors price”, that users of the product should “call for a price” or phrases of similar import as long as the price advertised or listed for the products is not less than the MAP.

Prices for Digi International products that are below MAP may not appear in any online search tool (e.g.: Google Shopper, Price Grabber, NextTag, etc) where your website is linked as the source.

Note: Certain online sales strategies result in advertised pricing that is below MAP. In the case of “add to cart” or “click here to see our low price” strategies, for example; Google Checkout will advertise the last price paid. Therefore, when products are sold at prices below MAP, an advertising event occurs to the next consumer because they see the product and the” last price sold” without having to “add to cart”. This inadvertent advertising is not permitted and must be monitored by the Channel Partner or risk jeopardizing their Authorized Channel Partner status.

MAP Pricing must be displayed on the “Catalog Page” (page that displays when the site is searched for Digi International products). Prices with “strike-thru” or no price with a redirection to “Check-out Cart” to see a price that is below MAP is considered a violation of the MAP Policy. Using advertised discounts on products when added to a web-cart is not permitted (for example, an Authorized Reseller cannot state “10% off Digi International or all products when added to the cart.”

Digi International understands that from time to time certain government contract pricing (e.g. GSA) may be required to be below MAP Policy and shown on specific government websites, which may be visible to the public, but not purchasable by the public. Digi International may allow this with written consent only. All Authorized Partners in good standing are welcome to apply for and participate in these government contracts.


MAP pricing for all Digi International products and services is equal to MSRP.
Digi International reserves the right to use promotional prices from time to time that may or may not include the use of instant, mail-in, or online rebates. Upon Digi International’s written consent, these promotional prices may be marketed by Authorized Reseller with strict adherence to guidance provided by Digi International. This includes site-wide promotions such as “10% off on all items at checkout for a limited time,” if approved by Digi International.

In the event a Channel Partner chooses not to follow the MAP policy, Dig International in its sole discretion may terminate its business relationship with said Channel Partner. Digi International reserves the right, in its unilateral discretion, to take other action, including litigation, with respect to any Channel Partner and/or reseller that violates this MAP Policy. The MAP Policy will be enforced by Digi International at its sole discretion in the best manner possible.

Since this policy is subject to change by Digi International from time to time, Channel Partners must monitor Digi International’s website for the most current information related to MAP Pricing and agrees to review the posted policy regularly to ensure its continued compliance.

DIGI SALES PERSONNEL OR OTHER EMPLOYEES HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO MODIFY OR GRANT EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. Therefore, all questions or comments regarding this MAP policy are to be directed to the Vice President of Channel Sales or MAP@Digi.com. To report a MAP violation, please email details to: MAP@Digi.com

MAP Pricing – The lowest price at which a Digi International product can be advertised for each individual Digi International product.

*Minimum Advertised Pricing policy is in effect wherever it is not prohibited by law.


Updated: May 7, 2018