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RF modules for scalable device management including Digi XBee® and ConnectPort® gateways.
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Digi XBee Zigbee Gateway Wi-Fi Hub
Programmable Zigbee gateway hub connects Digi XBee module devices to cloud-based applications and products over cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Open Source Python environment for custom application development on the gateway
  • Out-of-box integration with Digi Remote Manager® enables remote connectivity, configuration and management of Digi XBee® networks
  • Secure, scalable access to an unlimited number of remote Digi XBee-based devices
  • Cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet WAN options for flexible broadband connectivity
Digi ConnectPort X2 Gateway
Industrial-grade Digi XBee to IP gateways
  • Digi XBee® to Ethernet IP gateways support numerous Digi XBee protocols
  • Industrial-grade enclosures for rugged environments
  • Digi Remote Manager® for secure, scalable access to an unlimited number of remote assets and seamless web services integration from Digi gateways into customer back office applications
Digi ConnectPort X4 Gateway
Remote M2M networking gateways designed for commercial grade and rugged outdoor applications
  • WAN connectivity via LTE or 3G HSPA+ Networks
  • Local wireless connectivity through Zigbee
  • Local wired connectivity through RS-232/422/485, 2 analog inputs and 2 digital inputs
  • Small commercial grade enclosure or NEMA 4X/IP66 case
  • Full routing/IP filtering plus IPsec/SSL VPNs with DES, 3DES or AES encryption
  • Easy development environment via DIA and Python scripting as part of Digi ESP IDE
  • Support for Modbus/Modbus TCP
  • Digi Remote Manager® support for easy setup, mass configuration and management
Digi XBee RR
Easy-to-add connectivity in a compact, low-power, low-profile footprint
    • At 13 mm x 19 mm, the new Digi XBee RR micro form factor allows for more compact and portable applications
    • Digi XBee® RR is one module for all protocols including: Zigbee, 802.15.4, DigiMesh® and BLE (slave only), all configurable via Digi XCTU® and the Digi XBee Mobile App
    • Intrinsic IoT security with Digi TrustFence®, a layered approach securing the edge device, through the gateway, into and out of the IoT
    • Connect Digi XBee RR with the Digi IX15 IoT gateway and router to configure, monitor and control your network with Digi Remote Manager®