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Digi Remote Power Manager

In-and Out-of-Band Power Management and Monitoring for Network Devices

  • Remotely reboot or power devices on/off 
  • Remote monitoring of ambient temperature and electrical load
  • Configurable alarms provide continuous real-time monitoring
  • Integrates with Digi console servers for a complete common interface management solution
  • Daisy-chain up to 10 Digi RPMs from a single RJ-45 serial port
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The Digi Remote Power Manager (Digi RPM) is an intelligent power distribution unit for remote power management. It transparently integrates with the Digi Passport® and Digi CMTM product families, enabling console and power management from a common web interface menu.

The Digi RPM enables remote reboots and power on/off of connected devices from anywhere across the corporate LAN/ WAN. It measures the combined electrical load of attached devices and provides statistics on average/apparent power, RMS voltage/current, circuit breaker status, maximum current and monitors ambient temperature. The Digi RPM provides real-time alerts and alarms for system reboots, changes to power usage, out-of-spec temperature readings and more, allowing immediate, remote response to on-site conditions.

Cascading allows up to ten Digi RPMs to be daisy-chained from a single RJ-45 serial port. The Digi RPM is available in eight-port 1U rack-mountable and ten-port Zero-U rack- mountable versions, as well as 120 VAC/20A and 240 VAC/16A models (up to 10A per port).

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Digi RPM 8 - 1U, 8 outlets, 120VAC, 16A (suitable for 20A) 70002004 HOW TO BUY
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Digi RPM 8 - 1U, 8 outlets, 240VAC, 16A (International) 70002005 HOW TO BUY
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Digi RPM 10 - 0U, 10 outlets, 120VAC, 16A (suitable for 20A) 70002006 HOW TO BUY
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Digi RPM 10 - 0U, 10 outlets, 240VAC, 16A (International) 70002007 HOW TO BUY
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Digi Remote Power Manager 8/10 120 VAC model 240 VAC model
Connections Command line interface for direct serial connection
Power Sensor Average/apparent power, RMS voltage/current, Circuit breaker status, Max current
Alarm LEDs High current alert
Status LEDs Outlet status and alarm indication
Serial Ports 2 RJ-45 (one for communication, one for daisy-chaining)
Dimensions (L x W x D) Digi RPM 8: 17.13 in x 4.84 in x 1.73 in (43.50 cm x 12.30 cm x 4.40 cm)
Digi RPM 10: 37.80 in x 2.36 in x 1.97 in (96.00 cm x 6.00 cm x 5.00 cm)
Weight Digi RPM 8: 3.2 lb (1.44 kg)
Digi RPM 10: 3.75 lb (1.70 kg)
Power Outlet
Outlet Type NEMA 5-15 R IEC 60320 C13R
Max Current 10A
Power Plugs
Outlet Type IEC 60320 C20 (NEMA 2-20P) suitable for 20A circuits CEE 7/7 suitable for 16A circuits
Max Current 16A
Operating Temperature 5º C to 50º C (41º F to 122º F)
Storage Temperature -40º C to +85º C (-40º F to +185º F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Regulatory Approvals
Saftey UL 1950, EN60950
Emissions/Immunity CE, FCC Part 15 (Class A), EN55024, EN55022 (Class A)

Digi Remote Power Manager 8 - Front

Digi Remote Power Manager 8 - Back

Digi Remote Power Manager 10



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