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RabbitCore® RCM3400 Series


Microprocessor Core Module

  • Rabbit 3000 microprocessor at 30 MHz
  • Up to 512K Flash/512K SRAM
  • 8 channel 12-bit A/D with programmable gain
  • 47 digital I/O and 5 serial ports (IrDA, HDLC, asynch, SPI)

The RabbitCore RCM3400 core module, featuring the Rabbit® 3000 microprocessor, is designed for embedded control and monitoring applications requiring analog functionality. Its small size and ease of use when paired with Dynamic C® allow engineers to develop a control and monitoring solution for many of today’s embedded applications. The Ethernet-ready RCM3400 comes pre-assigned with a MAC ID, along with a development board 10Base-T reference design. Built-in low EMI features, including a clock spectrum spreader, practically eliminate EMI problems, helping to pass CE and RF emissions tests.

Rabbit hardware and Dynamic C are designed in a complementary fashion for maximum performance and ease of use in embedded systems. The additional software components in Dynamic C allow you to add functionality for embedded application customization.

The analog RabbitCore RCM3400 series provides a known-good processor and analog input subsystem for OEMs to quickly integrate into custom designs. The RCM3400 features a low-EMI Rabbit® 3000-based CPU subsystem running at 29.4 MHz, with 512K Flash / 512K SRAM or 256K Flash / 256K SRAM, 5 serial ports, and 8 channels of programmable gain analog input in an extremely small footprint (1.37" × 1.16" / 34 × 29 mm). The RCM3400 comes with a pre-assigned MAC I.D. to be Ethernet ready and the development board features 10Base-T Ethernet and can be used as a reference design in conjunction with Dynamic C's royalty-free TCP/IP software libraries. Extensive demo programs and software application templates make it easy to get the RCM3400 up and running in record time.

RabbitCores mount directly on a user-designed motherboard and can interface with all manner of CMOS-compatible digital devices. Two 34-pin connectors route 47 digital I/O (shared with serial ports), power, and other signals to the motherboard. Built-in low—EMI features, including a clock spectrum spreader, practically eliminate EMI problems, helping OEMs pass CE and regulatory RF emissions tests.

The RCM3400 is equipped with 5V tolerant I/O, quadrature encoder inputs, PWM outputs, and pulse capture and measurement capabilities. The RCM3400 also features a battery-backable real-time clock, glueless memory and I/O interfacing, and low-power "sleepy" modes. A fully enabled 8-bit slave port permits easy master-slave interfacing with another processor-based system, and an alternate I/O bus can be configured for 8 data lines and 6 address lines (shared with parallel I/O).

Programmed with Dynamic C®, the RCM3400 executes math, logic, and I/O exceptionally quickly. The Rabbit 3000 chip, RCM3400, and Dynamic C were designed in a complementary fashion for maximum performance and ease of use in embedded systems. Our industry-proven Dynamic C development system is a C—language environment that includes an editor, compiler, and in-circuit debugger. User programs can be compiled, executed, and debugged using Dynamic C and a programming cable-no in-circuit emulator is required. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is provided, including royalty-free TCP/IP stack with source code.

Key Features
  • 3.3 V operation
  • Powerful Rabbit 3000 microprocessor
  • Low-EMI (typically <10 dB µV/m @ 3 m)
  • Up to 512K Flash / 512K SRAM
  • 8 channel 12-bit A/D with programmable gain
  • 47 digital I/O, alternate I/O bus
  • 5 serial ports (IrDA, SDLC/HDLC, asynch, SPI)
  • MAC ID installed
Design Advantages
  • Ready-made platform for fast time-to-market
  • Compact size simplifies integration
  • Dynamic C development environment for real-time development and debugging
  • Exceptionally fast performance for math, logic, I/O
Designing with RabbitCores

The RabbitCore family of microprocessor core modules is designed to facilitate rapid development and implementation of embedded systems. RabbitCores are powered by high-performance 8-bit Rabbit microprocessors with extensive integrated features and a C-friendly instruction set designed for use with the Dynamic C development system. The RabbitCore mounts on a user-designed motherboard and acts as the controlling microprocessor for the user's system. Small in size but packed with powerful features, these core modules give designers a complete package for control and communication.

Specifications RCM3400 RCM3410
Microprocessor Rabbit® 3000 at 30 MHz
Flash Memory 512K 256K
SRAM 512K 256K
Backup Battery Connection for user-supplied backup battery (to support RTC and SRAM)
Analog Inputs
  • A/D Converter Resolution
  • A/D Conversion Time (including 120 μs raw count and Dynamic C)
8 channels single-ended or 4 channels differential Programmable gain 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, and 20 V/V
12 bits (11 bits single-ended)
180 μs
General Purpose I/O 47 parallel digital I/0 lines:
  • 41 configurable I/O
  • 3 fixed inputs
  • 3 fixed outputs
Additional Inputs Startup mode (2), reset in, CONVERT
Additional Outputs Status, reset out, VREF
Auxiliary I/O Bus Can be configured for 8 data lines and 6 address lines (shared with parallel I/O lines), plus I/O read/write
Serial Ports 5 shared high-speed, CMOS-compatible ports:
  • All 5 configurable as asynchronous, 3 as clocked serial (SPI), and 2 as SDLC/HDLC
  • 1 asynchronous serial port dedicated for programming
  • Support for MIR/SIR IrDA transceiver
Serial Rate Maximum asynchronous baud rate = CLK/8
Slave Interface A slave port allows the RCM3400 to be used as an intelligent peripheral device slaved to a master processor, which may either be another Rabbit 3000 or any other type of processor
Real-Time Clock Yes
Timers Ten 8-bit timers (6 cascadable), one 10-bit timer with 2 match registers
Watchdog/Supervisor Yes
Pulse-Width Modulators 10-bit free-running counter and four pulse-width registers
Input Capture 2-channel input capture can be used to time input signals from various port pins
Quadrature Decoder 2-channel quadrature decoder accepts inputs from external incremental encoder modules
Power 3.0–3.45 VDC @ 29.4 MHz, 2.8–3.45 VDC @ 14.7 MHz 97 mA @ 3.3 V, 29.4 MHz; 57 mA @ 3.0 V, 14.7 MHz
Operating Temperature 0° C to 70° C
Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Connectors Two 2 × 17, 1.27 mm pitch
Board Size 1.160” × 1.375” × 0.31” (29.5 mm ×34.9 mm × 7.9 mm)
Product Warranty 1 year

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