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Digi XBee Mobile SDK


Create mobile applications that connect with Digi XBee modules via Bluetooth


Digi XBee Mobile SDK includes:

  • Well-documented APIs to handle the complexity of the Bluetooth authentication, encryption and communication processes
  • Two libraries to simplify mobile app development:
    • A Digi XBee library for Xamarin, to develop native cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile applications using C#
    • A Digi XBee library for Android, to develop native Android applications using Java
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Example applications for both libraries

Digi XBee® Mobile SDK is a set of libraries, code examples and documentation designed to simplify the creation of iOS and Android mobile apps that interact with Digi XBee 3 modules via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth enables local connectivity to Digi XBee modules via a mobile device to streamline network deployment, configuration and troubleshooting.

BLE can also be used as a communication channel to create a Human Machine Interface (HMI) in a smartphone or tablet to monitor and control a device that does not have a display.

Digi XBee Mobile SDK helps speed up the development of mobile applications that interact with Digi XBee devices over the Bluetooth Low Energy interface.

Access to the software libraries, examples and documentation can be found on the Digi support site.

Custom Bluetooth App Examples

  • Configure Digi XBee firmware settings during deployment
  • Exchange data between a mobile application and a MicroPython application running on Digi XBee 3
  • Exchange data between a mobile application and the host micro-controller


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Digi XBee® Tools

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