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Digi XBee Network Assistant


Deploy, visualize and configure any local RF network installation

  • Automatic network discovery
    Click the Network Discovery button and see all nodes in the range.
  • Network visualization and mapping
    Using Google Maps or a static map image, place your Digi XBee devices to indicate node locations.
  • Network strength
    Analyze and debug the network strength between nodes.
  • Firmware and configuration
    Batch update firmware and configuration settings for all nodes on a network.
Deploying a wireless IoT network in the field can be an expensive and time-consuming task, often riddled with technical challenges. Digi XBee® Network Assistant streamlines wireless deployment with these key functions: mass configuration and firmware updates, device mapping and signal strength analysis.

Digi XBee Network Assistant’s firmware update feature makes it easy to push firmware and configuration updates to the local network, ensuring the code is dispersed efficiently across all nodes.

With the device mapping feature, a network technician can place devices on a Google Map image or local static map to model an environment such as an office floor plan.

In a mesh network, the map function then displays the signal quality between the nodes. This signal mapping feature is a powerful interface; the network technician can view the network’s signal strength data and adjust nodes accordingly to optimize the entire local network. digi-xbee-tools-network-assistant-deploy-usb-adapter.png
Digi XBee Tools

Develop, Build, Deploy and Manage Your Digi XBee Network

Digi XBee® Tools

Digi XBee Tools support the complete IoT application lifecycle, from the evaluation, testing and prototyping phase through manufacturing and deployment to long-term network management. See how Digi XBee Tools simplify tasks and help get to market faster.

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