Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M — IP30, mains powered DIN rail mountable remote monitor

Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M

IP30, mains powered DIN rail mountable remote monitor

Leverage the power of Digi Axess, unparalleled battery life and a toolkit meticulously crafted for remote monitoring with Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M

Digi Connect® XRT-M with Digi Axess offers a versatile solution for remote monitoring, catering to businesses’ diverse preferences. Whether you prioritize edge control or the flexibility of the cloud, Digi Axess seamlessly adapts, providing a user-friendly interface and real-time capabilities to enhance operational efficiency.

Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is a rugged, battery-powered monitoring solution with versatile I/O for remote sensor connections. It is ideal for adding remote monitoring in power-challenged environmments, enabling cost-effective data collection from remote assets in minutes. Digi Axess is a comprehensive cloud solution for collecting and presenting data from your remote infrastructure and connected assets.

Digi Connect Sensor is designed for telemetry monitoring, while Digi Axess uncovers actionable insights from your remote assets. Our web-based system ensures a quick and efficient setup process with streamlined configuration, comprehensive data analytics, and the ability to tailor reports and alerts to your specific needs.

With Connect Sensor, you can effortlessly configure sensors and gain valuable insights through our powerful analytics platform. Whether you’re involved in water management, green stormwater infrastructure, tank monitoring, industrial gas distribution, mining, or environmental regulatory compliance, Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is the complete solution for your monitoring needs.

  • Extended battery life with lightweight cloud or on-premise connection and dual 14.5 Ah batteries*
  • Rated for industrial environments with wide temperature range and C1D2 certification with NEMA enclosure
  • Device health and sensor data stored in Digi Axess
  • Configurable read and report intervals
  • Connect to and power multiple sensors
  • Compatible with a range of industry-standard sensors
  • Modbus protocol support
  • Global cellular coverage
*Batteries and antenna not included with this model, see other models and accessories for options and details.
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