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Digi Connect Sensor+ with Digi Axess

Powered by Digi Axess: experience unrivaled reliability with Digi Connect Sensor+ and a toolset specially designed for remote monitoring

Digi Connect® Sensor+ with Digi Axess provides a specially crafted toolset for seamless remote monitoring. Take charge with centralized control, effortless configuration management and easy data visualization.

Reliably gather sensor data with Digi Connect Sensor+ and Digi Axess: our battery-powered solution simplifies data collection from any location and enables analysis with the power of cloud technology.

Digi Axess offers a comprehensive solution for collecting and presenting data from your remote infrastructure and assets. Our advanced technology provides effortless access to your network, field data and related equipment.

Connect Sensor+ goes wherever something flows, and Digi Axess uncovers actionable insights to maintain control of your assets. Fast and simple sensor configuration, data analytics, and the flexibility to customize reports and alerts can all be set up in minutes through our web-based system.

With Digi Connect Sensor+, you can effortlessly configure sensors and gain valuable insights through our powerful analytics platform. Whether you’re involved in water management, stormwater infrastructure, chemical tank telemetry, industrial gas distribution, mining, or environmental regulatory compliance, Connect Sensor+ is the ideal solution for your monitoring and control needs.

How It Works

Digi Connect Sensor+ is a battery-powered cellular monitor with multiple I/O for connecting to a wide range of sensors. Designed to work in rugged industrial environments, Connect Sensor+ is the ideal solution for companies looking to add remote monitoring and diagnostics in places where power is not readily available.

Deploy Connect Sensor+ in minutes and start creating reliable data from remote infrastructure and assets, making monitoring possible in places that were previously cost prohibitive.

With flexible sensor integration, Connect Sensor+ allows you to adopt a unified approach to data collection, storage, and distribution, providing greater standardization and efficiency.

Our monitoring solutions are designed to seamlessly interface with a diverse range of sensors, delivering data wherever you need it. Standard support includes analog data such as current and voltage, widely used protocols like Modbus RTU and ASCII, as well as other OEM-specific ones.

  • Longer battery life with lightweight cloud connectors
  • Device and sensor data hosted for the duration of your cloud license
  • Rated for industrial environments with wide temp range, IP66 enclosure and C1D2 certification
  • Configurable read and report intervals with threshold and delta alarms
  • Configurable I/O makes it possible to connect with multiple sensor types
  • Modbus protocol support
  • Configurable power outputs eliminate the need for sensor power supplies
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