Digi On-Prem Manager Server License — 5-year subscription

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Digi On-Prem Manager Server License — 5-year subscription

Configure, deploy and manage connected assets securely on-premises

Digi On-Prem Manager is the technology platform that brings networks to the next level, allowing networks — and the people who manage them — to work smarter. It transforms a multitude of dispersed IoT devices into a dynamic, intelligent network.

Now you can easily configure, deploy, monitor and manage hundreds or even thousands of mission-critical devices from a single point of command.

Edit configurations, update firmware, schedule and automate tasks — all from your desktop, tablet of phone.

You can also easily extend your network at scale with bidirectional, open integration and add intelligence to the edge with custom code, APIs and Python scripts. All the while, its software-defined security diligently safeguards your Digi ecosystem.

Key network management functionality

Digi On-Prem Manager allows you to securely access devices in the field, monitor critical device metrics. You can update firmware, configuration and files for individual devices or groups of devices, with alerts and reports for specific events and activities. Set up role-based access control, view audit logs, and integrate with other systems with APIs and custom coding.

Digi On-Prem Manager provides everything you need to securely manage your network on premises.

Key features and benefits
  • Industry-leading software tools for rapid device deployment, and easier asset management
  • Automate mass firmware and software updates to enhance functionality, stay in compliance and scale your deployment
  • Access data from edge devices that were previously out of reach
  • Integrate device data through open APIs to gain deeper insights and control with third-party applications
  • Monitor network, device and asset performance and security with bi-directional communications
  • Receive real-time alerts and detailed reports on network health and device conditions
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