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Secure VPN service with persistent connectivity for critical communications

Digi Mobile VPN is a key addition to the Digi SAFE™ solution, available as a value-added service to Digi routers through Digi Remote Manager®. Digi Mobile VPN enables users to create a secure connection between their data centers and the Digi router, including connected (wired or wireless) smart devices.

This service offers persistent, secure connectivity, utilizing Digi Remote Manager (Digi RM) as the central portal for orchestrating the mobile VPN setup and deployment. Digi Mobile VPN, powered by Radio IP, provides a highly secure mobile VPN software solution developed to address the exacting needs of mission critical communications including FirstNet® support for emergency responders.

Digi Mobile VPN enables communications to seamlessly traverse multiple, independent networks simultaneously within one mobile VPN connection, assuring secure uninterrupted connectivity for various mobile workforces — regardless of their location — while exceeding data protection regulations.

Digi devices provide a range of connectivity options including cellular failover with features such as Digi SureLink®, policy-based routing and interface bonding. These features are excellent at preventing any external network failures from causing downtime.

As a valuable add-on service to Digi RM, Digi Mobile VPN can be easily integrated from a central portal to enhance robust connectivity across the network. Using Digi RM to manage devices and network connectivity leverages our proven remote management platform through a single point of command. Digi RM’s monitoring and management features make it easy to view and control your devices from any location.

  • Complies with data encryption standards: FIPS 140-2, AES 256, FBI, CJIS, FirstNet Capable™
  • Robust device authentication: certificate exchanges
  • Group policy management and split tunneling
  • Public safety standard grade (FirstNet Capable™)
  • Seamless roaming for reliable, secure connectivity in transit
  • Greater user experience with single sign-in
  • Session persistence to ensure constant application connectivity
  • Faster, more reliable access to data
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Easy to maintain and support with less calls to IT from the field
  • Digi Remote Manager® integration for cloud-based management
  • Key value-added service with the Digi SAFE™ solution
  • Utilize Digi Mobile VPN with Digi WAN Bonding for secure persistent connectivity, WAN aggregation and immediate failover

Digi Mobile VPN is available as a subscription added to Digi Remote Manager Premier. Additional value-added services and subscription options are also available.

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