Digi Module Enables 3D Imaging Technology for Wound Assessment

"Digi was an enabling partner in the whole development process, and as a start-up company, partnering with companies like Digi is critical for our success."

James Paterson, co-founder of Eykona

Digi Module Enables 3D Imaging Technology for Wound Assessment

Measurement is an undeniably essential component in the treatment of wounds. Whether treating ulcers, sores or other hard-to-heal wounds, accurate measurement allows clinicians to map the development of the complaint and thereby select the best course of treatment. Yet before the development of the Eykona 3D wound imaging solution, an easily replicable, efficient and accurate solution for measuring the progression of wounds did not exist.

Business Challenge

Previous methods of wound measurement, such as paper rulers or graduated Q-tips for depth measurement, were inaccurate, time consuming and open to variables. These methods are open to interpretation, as a number of different clinicians will look at the same wound over a period of time and draw different conclusions. With a new emphasis on efficiency, older methods proved counterintuitive, especially as The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom is under significant governmental pressure to achieve savings of £20 billion by 2015. Additionally, open-wounds and ulcers are common symptoms of diabetes, which is expected to rise to 700,000 cases by the end of the decade, according to a new analysis by Diabetes UK*.


Eykona, a British medical imaging company, addressed this critical need by developing its Wound Measurement System. The solution uses cameras and 3D imaging to photograph, measure and map wound progression over time. By observing changes in volume and tissue structure, clinicians can assess wound treatment effectiveness more rapidly than ever before. The system consists of a hand-held camera; a single-use disposable target (applied temporarily to intact skin near the wound while images are acquired), and workstation software. It is enabled by Digi's Freescale-based ConnectCore® Wi-i.MX51, a system-on-module with fast processing capabilities, the ability to support multiple connected cameras and integrated power management features.


With the ConnectCore module at the heart of the imaging device, the Eykona solution ensures that wounds are always being seen through the same pair of eyes. The system is currently being used to measure and characterize wounds both in the community and secondary care sectors. Significant achievements have already been seen and recorded with hard-to-heal wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers and injuries sustained during conflict in Afghanistan. The solution ultimately saves health care providers time and resources while improving the patient experience.

* The analysis is based on data from the York & Humber Public Health Observatory's APHO diabetes prevalence models for England, Scotland and Wales.