Driving Operational Efficiencies With Intelligent Waste & Recycling Solutions that Save Time & Money

"Waste and recycling collection is a resource intensive process. The wireless BigBelly Solar solution delivers real-time data to make trash collection more efficient saving us time and money."

Dan DiLillo, Albany Assistant Commissioner of General Service

Driving Operational Efficiencies With Intelligent Waste And Recycling Solutions that Save Time And Money

Business Challenge

Gain visibility into waste and recycling stations.

  • Transform an inefficient and resource-intensive industry into an efficient and profitable one.
  • Gain visibility into machine data to limit late or inefficient truck rolls, which negatively impact operational costs and customer service.
  • Improve customer service by limiting overflow and empowering customers to match supply with demand.


In order to use real-time data to drive their operational decisions, BigBelly needed to embed wireless sensors into their system. The company turned to Digi for wireless design and development services.

  • Connect: Custom embedded cellular radios form Digi Wireless Design Services into solar powered trash and recycling compactor units.
  • Control: BigBelly gained access to real-time information about their stations, allowing remote monitoring from any computer or smart phone to determine whether collection is needed.
  • Engage: BigBelly customers now see their entire portfolio of waste and recycling stations and have the ability to send alerts and communicate with drivers to schedule pickups.


BigBelly customers can monitor trash and recycling stations from any computer or smartphone, empowering them to implement widespread programs like recycling and others.

  • Operational Cost Savings: BigBelly customers save time and fuel by monitoring waste and recycling stations to optimize collection activity, eliminate unnecessary truck rolls, and free workers from on-street status checks.
  • Improved Public Health: Since stations are monitored remotely, the risk of overflow in the field is eliminated, also reducing related public health concerns.
  • Competitive Advantage: The knowledge empowers BigBelly customers with information they’ve never had before, so they can implement new programs like recycling and just-in-time-collection.

About Big Belly Solar

BigBelly Solar was founded in 2003 with the goal of transforming one of the least efficient and resource-intensive industries on the planet — waste collection. Cities were either collecting too often and wasting fuel and labor while creating CO2 emissions or they were not able to keep up with the demands and overflowing trash cans created litter, health and safety issues.

In the following years, the company has evolved to offer a unique solution for the public space by leveraging renewable solar energy and information technology. With the efficiency gains our customers realize, BigBelly has been instrumental in the implementation of the first wide - spread public space recycling programs in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston and is now pioneering public space compostables collection as well.

For more information visit https://bigbelly.com/