Monster Media Needed A Connectivity Solution That’s Quick To Deploy And Scalable

"Digi International’s cellular routers make our solution more scalable and manageable than we ever imagined."

James Laurino, Director of Research & Development, Monster Media

Business Challenge

Monster Media is a full-service media company that specializes in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. The company is an industry leader in delivering dynamic interactive media in a number of high traffic venues and locations such as malls, events, sports and entertainment venues, mobile tours, college campuses, hotels, bus shelters, storefronts and mass transit. You’ll see Monster Media’s displays at venues and events around the world. Monster Media has successfully executed thousands of interactive campaigns for clients including: The Academy Awards, Coca-Cola, Dell, ESPN, Estée Lauder, Ford, General Electric, HBO, IBM, JetBlue, MTV, Siemens, Target, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company and many more.

Monster MediaIn order to deliver content to displays and create a unique experience for users, Monster Media needed a connectivity solution that’s quick to deploy and scalable. In addition to quick and easy, the connection must be reliable and secure.

That connection could be achieved in a few different ways. First, systems could utilize an existing Wi-Fi connection. While this seems like an easy, cost effective solution, there are a number of issues. First, there’s quality of service. Internet connections simply aren’t reliable—systems get overloaded, disconnected and there are frequent timeouts and drops. And, with all Wifi connections, security becomes an issue as well. The next seemingly obvious option is a wired WAN, or a landline. This is not a cost effective or scalable solution. Costs add up to hundreds of dollars a month, and the system can take weeks, if not months, to install. Lastly, satellite could be used. The issue here is finding a convenient place to install a dish. Add a few weeks of installation time after finding a suitable location for placement, and the solution becomes a drawn out, archaic process.

So, what is the easiest, most scalable and cost effective—and modern—solution?


Cellular is the ideal solution for this application. Cellular routers are easily installed since they are dropped in locally; they are much more discreet than a satellite dish; and because of their small size they are the most scalable solution.

Monster Media saw the opportunity to utilize cellular and its benefits and equipped every station with a Digi TransPort® WR21 cellular router connected via a Verizon 3G cell network. From their network operation center, Monster Media runs a Digi VPN concentrator to all of their displays to ensure a secure connection out to their assets.

The cellular connection enables Monster Media to update content on the display—like relevant advertisements and games—to customize the experience for end-users. Monster Media’s robust Network Operating Center (NOC) uses Digi Device CloudSM to complement its capabilities.

With the Digi TransPort WR21 and Device Cloud in place, Monster Media can collect data to determine the success of content. They can also monitor the health of platforms around the world. They know what systems are up and running properly, and which need rebooted or maintenance at any point in time. They can also send updates remotely.


With the solution in place, Monster Media can easily manage hundreds and thousands of cellular connected media displays with a secure connection. Cellular offers a winning combination of efficiency, scalability and security.

Not only do end-users get the best experience possible, Monster Media is an industry leader because of their incredible customer service. The team remotely monitors every campaign in real-time and provides proactive maintenance if any issues arise. Event organizers and customers can rest assured that dynamic media content is being delivered in a safely and securely.