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XBee Scent Generator What does information smell like? Now you can savor the bouquet of your data with an XBee Scent Generator. We show... VIEW PROJECT Sensing Light Levels with a Photocell Photocells are a popular component in electronics projects; they let you sense light levels. In this tutorial, you'll... VIEW PROJECT Wireless Control of AC Devices with a PowerSwitch Tail Wirelessly control high voltage AC devices with an XBee 802.15.4 connected to a PowerSwitch Tail relay. VIEW PROJECT Joystick with XBee Let's get physical! Join this joystick to your XBee radio for a terrific way to add movement to your project, sending... VIEW PROJECT New Digi XBee Example: Make Money with a Coin Acceptor Earn some income using this latest XBee Example that shows how to easily connect an XBee radio to one of Adafruit's... VIEW PROJECT Digi XBee Example for Feeling the Force How to create a wireless force sensor VIEW PROJECT Feeling Force with an FSR As opposed to a simple push button, force sensing resistors (FSR's for short) can sense how hard a user is pressing... VIEW PROJECT Wireless Panel Meter Watch the needle go back and forth as you satisfy your nostalgia for analog outputs with this tutorial on making a... VIEW PROJECT Digi XBee Examples Site We're going to demonstrate XBee hookups for different sensors, lights, motors, scent emitters, then show how they can... VIEW PROJECT 802.15.4 Digital Input with a Button In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to program an XBee radio for digital input and wire up a button so that... VIEW PROJECT 802.15.4 Digital Output with an LED Making an LED illuminate is one of the first things many people do when they start learning electronics. We're... VIEW PROJECT 802.15.4 PWM Output with an LED XBee radios have two PWM outputs and in this tutorial, we're going to connect an LED to one of them. When we do that,... VIEW PROJECT
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