360º Smartphone Camera Rig

A student at Middlesex University London designed the 360 Smartphone Camera Drone Rig to create a new user experience when shooting high-quality videos as an alternative option to using expensive cameras or a professional camera system.

The video below highlights the tech, materials, and machines used through the various steps of Kane Fernandes’s final second year design project:

Using a brushless drone motor, ESC, potentiometer and an Arduino Uno microcontroller board base they tested the power by attaching the complete motor to the propeller. For remote connectivity they used Digi XBee modules and free XCTU software that successfully passed a basic test on a LED circuit board. After experimenting with a large wheelhouse and alternative base pivot points, the first test was successfully completed using an Iphone 7 camera mount and a Monopod aka a selfie stick.

Watch live testing on the twitter series below and be sure to on Twitter.

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