Augmented Guitar

By Colin Labadie

Colin wanted more than what 6 strings could offer from his guitar. Typically a guitar player will turn to additional FX pedals to create sounds and effects, but all this can be done with software too!

Using sensors, Arduino, and XBee installed on the guitar, the sound is sent to a computer running MaxMSP for processing. MaxMSP is a programming environment that allows you to process sounds in seemingly infinite ways.

As you can see, various buttons are also installed on the front of the guitar. This allows the player to control which sounds to trigger with just a push of a button. In addition to the arcade-style buttons, there is an Apple Trackpad, which controls multiple sound effects to create unique sounds.

This project is definitely one worth hearing, so take a listen and get a run-down of the project from Colin in the video below!

Tags: Arduino XBee