Autonomous Vehicles

By Team Wasps

This project, created by Team Wasps, is made up of four vehicles that can navigate around a course without any external input. Using a variety of sensors and XBees to communicate, the vehicles can safely navigate a four way intersection. The vehicles also include infrared sensors which allow them to avoid collisions with each other  or an object that is placed in their path. The robots are programmed through an Arduino sketch (C / C++). They use an NXShield, which allowed the control of LEGO NXT motors/sensors through an Arduino Uno. XBee radios and XBee shields were stacked on NXShield to communicate with Arudino Uno. The team won first place in the Junior Exhibition at RoboFest World Competition in 2013. In the video below, you can watch the vehicles in action.

Tags: Arduino XBee