By Loretta Faveri

After being knocked down by a bus in October 2010, Loretta felt compelled to understand why the senseless occurrence happened. To explore the question of why, she created a dance performance called Chance, which uses movement to create music.

Handcrafted electronic sensors are integrated into the costumes of three dancers. As the dancers move, the sensors send data to a computer, which plays back a sampling of spoken words, environmental sounds, and the musical recordings of Dr. George Sawa.

What makes the project unique, is that the dancers are unable to synchronize their movements with the sounds they trigger. This results in an erratic and unpredictable performance.

Technology used: Lilypad Arduino, XBee Series 1 Radio, 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery, insulated wire and handcrafted sensors.



Chance from Loretta Faveri on Vimeo

Tags: Music XBee