Gas Cap

By QTechKnow (Quin, our favorite 11 year old maker)

QTechKnow solved the mystery he’s been thinking about since he got started in electronics. “Isn’t there a fart sensor out there?” Like a true maker, he made his own.

“He discovered that if you use a methane sensor, especially the MQ-4, even at very low concentrations, it reads farts. What if you combined that into a hat with an LED Bar Graph and a XBee? The Gas Cap was made with that in mind.  For around $100, you can build your own Gas Cap, a human gas-operated LED Bar Graph on a hat.  So, you fart into the methane sensor, wirelessly transmit that data to the hat, and watch the LEDs light up so that your friends can see how horrible it was.”

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Tags: Wearables XBee