Lego and Arduino RC Vehicle

By Crtlego

The car was built with a Lego Technic chassis, an Arduino microcontroller, as well as an XBee for wireless control. The vehicle has four wheel drive and four wheel steering.

The vehicle’s controller, inspired by the Gameboy Advance, isn’t your typical controller.  Built entirely from scratch, it contains an Arduino controller, color LCD display, four buttons, two rotary inputs, and a joystick. The plastic housing for the controller was designed using CAD software and then 3D printed. The remote control supports USB cable operation via the serial port on the Arduino, but in this demonstration a 9V battery is used in order to make the controller wireless.

The Instructable is extremely in-depth, so if you are thinking about building your own– click here.  In the video below, you can see the vehicle in use.

Tags: Arduino XBee