Pollux’NZ City

By CKAB Tech

The pollux’NZ City project aims at creating a network of autonomous wireless network of sensors that uploads the measures on any data silos on Internet.

“There are two main components to the system. On the right is a base station which collects the data from the array of sensor, one of which is shown on the left. Each sensor runs off of a battery, but features a PV solar panel which keeps the power source topped off. It uses an Arduino to drive the system, and an XBee radio for communications. There’s a PM10 particle pollution sensor, temperature, sound, nitrogen, and oxygen sensors. The base station also uses an XBee radio to poll the network, but it’s not driven by an Arduino. They’ve gone with the ARM-based BeagleBone to manage the data.” –Mike Szczys, Hackaday

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Check out the project’s summary page and GitHub repository  here.

Tags: XBee