Robot Missions: Shoreline Intervention with Digi XBee

With beach season right around the corner, that can often mean more debris left behind. Robot Missions brought together makers and environmentalists to create a tool that addresses the increasing amounts of harmful pollution along the shoreline.

Comprised of 90% 3D printed material, Robot Missions, was created for Citizen Science in order to navigate less accessible areas. This robot platform is an incredible alternative solution for shoreline cleanup using semi-autonomous behavior and mobile sensor monitoring with Digi XBee modules. The robot can sweep up small washed up debris (10-50mm) and carry it to recycling.



This winter they completed a winter field test on thin ice to explore safe areas around the shore lake shore. Although the robot lost a wheel in the process, it was a successful test. Watch the frozen field test here:



We look forward to more updates on future expeditions, and in the meantime check out on twitter. Have an awesome project to share or want to create one with a Digi XBee Cellular Development Kit? Follow and to get in touch with us.

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