By Mauricio Bustos

SeaGrass is an interactive art display that is designed to give festival attendees the feeling of being underwater as they walk through a field of giant blades of grass.  The project consists of 30 towers that are all 30 feet tall! Each tower is equipped with 60 high output, full color LED’s along its entire height. The colors change and react to a number of inputs such as participant touch, sound, wind, and a mobile device running custom software, which is pictured below.

GPS coordinates are used to move the patterns throughout the display and a time stamp synchs up the towers. You can see the display at this year’s Burning Man Festival. Over the first few days of the festival the field of grass will grow in number and all 30 towers will be on display for six whole days.  To get a better idea what this looks like in action, you can watch a test simulation below!

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Tags: XBee