SMILE, Socially Motivated Interactive Lightscaping Environment, is a networked array of low-profile, computer controlled, embedded electronic light nodes that are distributed evenly throughout a space. These nodes illuminate and interact with users that move amongst them. This interaction evolves in complexity from simple illumination to customized colour and pulsation as the user learns, connects with others, and interacts with the space.

“An official Independent Project selection for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2011, DLYT ‘SMILE’ is a lighting installation made up of intelligent and interactive water droplet shaped hemispheres of light arranged in a vast honeycomb pattern. Designed by Dashing Collective in collaboration with Aesthetec Studio, these hemispheres of light will be spaced 2 meters apart across the large central space of Fort York.  As visitors move through the moonlit space, the nodes will illuminate, change color and pulsate in unique reaction to select individuals. Each visitor will have his or her own unique experience with the environment, and by interacting with other visitors as well as the space itself, create continuously evolving pools of light, becoming an integral part of the installation itself.”

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