By Jooeun and Noora

The Violano combines music, light, and motion to create an interactive instrument which is enabled by an XBee module. This project is an attempt to recreate the notion of making the invisible visible through detailed design. The team took inspiration from the paper, “Making the Invisible Visible in Science Museums Through Augmented Reality Devices (Yoon & Wang, 2014).” They wanted to make a device that was easy-to-use and sparks the user’s curiosity the moment they pick it up.

“This has been developed for kids and adults alike to provide them with a “first person encounter”; a on notion on which museums operate. First person encounter is the degree to which a product can catch and maintain an individual’s attention. The underlying premise is by providing an effective first person encounter, one can prompt the individual to build and pursue the curiosity that emerges as a result of such encounters. The complexity of the product varies on the makers prior knowledge with programming.”

Build your own following these instructions!

Tags: XBee