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Connectivity solutions for meter device management systems

Selecting the right meter data management solution not only helps a utility to achieve a reasonable return on investment, but it’s a prerequisite for utilities considering an advanced metering infrastructure or smart grid initiative. Digi delivers connectivity solutions for meter data management solutions that help to streamline IT support and related expenses while, delivering meter data throughout a utility and turning it into valuable knowledge.

Metering Engineers and Meter Shop Managers value the performance, security and reliability of Digi’s cellular routers and RF radios. Digi’s commitment to support evolving cellular networks and our proven compatibility with common enterprise Meter Data Management (MDM) systems help utilities keep their metering systems running smoothly.

Reliable and Secure
Deliver the highest levels of security and reliability.

Reduce Installation Costs
Eliminate unnecessary wiring costs and lower installation times dramatically.

Monitor Devices Remotely
Easily monitor remote devices with comprehensive device management and services.

Improved Customer Insight
Increase customer value with real-time consumption metrics.

Connectivity solutions for meter device management systems
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