Digital Oil Field

Solutions to enable drilling, smart well site, pipeline, and transportation operations improvement and remote monitoring

Digi is used by leading oil and gas companies worldwide for connecting remote field data from sensors and SCADA systems. From optimizing reservoirs, production and drilling operations to safety assurance and asset management and maintenance, energy firms must successfully address a growing range of business and technical issues. Today, E&P firms are striving to lower their risk, increase productivity and cut the costs of exploration and production.

Digi’s digital oil field technologies allow companies to capture more data, with greater frequency, from all parts of the oil and gas value chain and analyze it in near-real time, thus optimizing reservoir, well and facility performance. The result: highly reliable data feeds, asset visibility, greater operational efficiency and increased safety and environmental protection.

Equipment Reliability and Longevity
New extraction techniques—and a greater reliance on sophisticated technology—lead market analysts to predict that M2M device usage will nearly triple over the next four years. But how can you efficiently manage those devices? How long can that equipment reliably operate in such harsh environments?

Greater Automation
High-risk conditions, remote locations and a shortage of trained workers in the E&P industry means the demand for automation is growing. Sensors can provide safer and more accurate data capture. But how can you transmit that data across long distances in noisy RF environments?

Increased Safety
Operators want to know how to ensure workplace safety and environmental protections—and prevent fires, spills, leaks and other hazards. More data typically translates into greater effectiveness. But how can you capture that data in a timely, reliable manner?

Operational Efficiency
Producers strive to protect profit margins that are under greater pressure than ever. That means more accurate billing, loss prevention and smarter maintenance strategies to prevent equipment failures. How can you be more efficient and lower your operating costs?

Solutions to enable drilling, smart well site, pipeline, and transportation operations improvement and remote monitoring
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