Wired and wireless connectivity solutions to help secure people, facilities and assets

Digi delivers wireless connectivity for security devices such as cameras, drones and sensors. High bandwidth wireless connectivity enable real-time full motion video and high resolution picture transmission allowing security professionals to view a location, in real-time, prior to taking action. Remote alarm monitoring allows false alarms to be disregarded without incurring the cost of going to the location as well as avoiding false law enforcement dispatch. Additionally, user interaction with home or business security systems, via any mobile device, allow for notifications to a mobile devices as well as remote user control.

Mission-critical reliability
Be assured of reliability, long product lifespan, and persistent network connections for mission-critical communications. Digi’s wireless solutions are built to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration. They have been proven in the field by emergency services and first responders.

Gain Real-Time Diagnostics
Maximize uptime and minimize the overall lifecycle cost of high-value assets through real-time collection and monitoring of equipment data.

Easy to Deploy, Integrate and Maintain
Get new services to new markets faster with open and proven wireless technologies that allow rapid design and easy integration, with a services platform that enables fast deployment and cost-effective maintenance and support.

Reduce Time-to-Market
Digi offers an array of interface options with open development tools and wireless devices pre-certified with global network operators for guaranteed connectivity.

Wired and wireless connectivity solutions to help secure people, facilities and assets
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