Access historical data of the same type from multiple devices

If you have thousands of devices uploading time-series data like cellular health statistics and want an easy way to extract those data, try the Query Monitor API from Digi Remote Manager.

Using RSSI for this example, Remote Manager stores those RSSI readings as time-series Data Points in individual Data Streams representing each device. This makes it easy to retrieve the raw historical data as well as rollups over specified time intervals.

The trick is: to retrieve historical Data Points from multiple Data Streams (devices) takes a lot of individual web service requests, since you must pull the historical Data Points for the specified time from each individual Data Stream.  If you have 10,000 devices, that will be a lot of web service requests, even if you’re only getting 3-4 historical events per device.

To make this process much easier, Digi Remote Manager provides a feature called a Query Monitor.  This allows you to create a temporary Data Stream that aggregates the Data Points from all of the Data Streams.  You get to choose the criteria for that aggregation so you have full control over what data is included and what isn’t.

For more information on Data Streams, please refer to KB article: Digi Remote Manager - Monitors:  Push and Query Monitor Info and Examples

Last updated: Sep 04, 2018

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