Adding a Digi Device to the Digi Device Cloud Platform

This article explains how to add your Digi device to the Digi Device Cloud. 
This article assumes that you have already set up your device to connect to the Device Cloud and that you have a Device Cloud account.

Log into the Device Cloud server for your Digi device.
Click on the Device Management tab.
Click on the Devices tab.
Click on the Add Devices button on the tool bar.
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Automatically add a device

If your device is on your local LAN, you should be able to use the automatic discovery mechanism to add it.
Click on th

Manually add a device

You can also choose to manually add a device to Device Cloud. 
In order to manually add a device to Device Cloud, you will need to perform a manual search by entering a unique device identifier which can be any of the following:
If this does not connect, please see one of the troubleshooting articles.
Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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