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AnywhereUSB - attached USB barcode reader not working through RDP connection

This is a known issue and we have concluded that RDP (Remote Desktop) is the culprit.

AnywhereUSBs, like other USB hubs, are compatible with USB barcode scanners.  To prove this, connect a USB barcode scanner to an AnywhereUSB, log into the actual/local console (NOT through RDP) of the host computer and try using the barcode scanner.  A simple test is to run Microsoft Notepad, scan a barcode, and confirm that the barcode data appears in Notepad.

We think that RDP is the cause of the problem because, from what we observed in our own testing, the same issue happens even if you bypass the AnywhereUSB and connect the USB barcode scanner directly to the computer.  We observed that the scanned data gets output to the actual/local console of the computer instead of the Remote Desktop session.  The AnywhereUSB, by design, should perform like any other USB hub or USB port, and should not be expected to fix an existing issue that would also be seen using any other USB hub or USB port.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any workarounds or resolutions to this issue.  It appears that the cause of the problem is that the USB barcode scanner isn't being "re-directed" to the Remote Desktop session.  We have experimented with the various re-direction Options (Local Resources tab) in the RDP client and none of them helped.

Our best suggestion is to either contact Microsoft about this or to research this issue on the web.

Please refer to the following Microsoft knowledge base article:

Last updated: Apr 24, 2019

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