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AnywhereUSB System Status LED blinks repeating Red pattern

This KB article is intended to provide step by step troubleshooting steps to help diagnose the root cause of this issue, likely a new or existing firmware bug, or a defective hardware.

Symptom of issue:  AnywhereUSB is no longer accessible over the network (does not respond to pings, web UI cannot be accessed).  The System Status LED blinks a repeating Red 3-digit code during this state.  Power cycling the AnywhereUSB may or may not recover, depending on the frequency of the issue.

Models affected:  AnywhereUSB/2, AnywhereUSB/5 G2, AnywhereUSB/5 M, AnywhereUSB/14, AnywhereUSB TS44.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Ensure the latest AnywhereUSB firmware is running on the unit, and the latest AnywhereUSB driver is running on all host computers.

  • If this is an intermittent issue, update the firmware while the unit's online (System Status LED blinking slow Green) through the AnywhereUSB web UI.
  • If this issue constantly occurs, such that the AnywhereUSB web UI cannot be accessed, follow

2. If the AnywhereUSB is running the latest firmware and the issue is still happening, try to narrow down the cause of the issue.  Begin by disconnecting all USB devices and network cables from the AnywhereUSB.  Disconnect power from the AnywhereUSB, wait 30 seconds, then re-connect power.  Does the issue still happen?

  • If the issue still happens with only power applied to the AnywhereUSB, please contact Digi Technical Support and reference this KB article.  Likely, the AnywhereUSB will need to be RMA'd.
  • If the issue does not happen with only power applied to the AnywhereUSB, try to determine exactly what action causes the issue.
For example, does connecting the AnywhereUSB to a certain network cause the issue?  If the issue follows a certain switch, try another switch if possible, to see if that helps.

Does the issue happen if a certain USB device is connected to the AnywhereUSB?    If so, update the USB device driver (if applicable) to the latest version, to see if that helps.

Does the issue happen only when a certain host computer is connected to the AnywhereUSB?  If so, what's different about that host computer, compared to any others that work fine?

Pinpointing the source of the issue, along with providing AnywhereUSB driver and firmware traces to Digi Technical Support will help lead to a resolution.
Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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