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AnywhereUSB USB Device Viewer crashes

Attempting to launch the AnywhereUSB Device Viewer (AKA "Remote USB Hub Viewer") software results in an "hourglass", followed by the software not launching.

Digi has observed that, if the Netgear "USB Control Center" software is installed on the host computer, this problem occurs consistently, so there appears to be a conflict.

Background:  The "Remote USB Hub Viewer" utility (AwUsbView.exe) is bundled with the AnywhereUSB driver package, and is (optionally) used to see what kinds of USB device are attached to an AnywhereUSB.

At this time, the suggested workaround is to uninstall the Netgear "USB Control Center" software, otherwise look in Windows Device Manager (instead of the USB Device Viewer) for information about attached USB devices.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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