Booting NET+OS on ConnectCore 9P9360 with U-Boot version over 1.1.4 DUB-RevC

When booting my NET+OS image from CC9P9360 flash, I get:

data abort pc : [<00200184>] lr : [<0012904c>]

1) if you are using U-Boot 1.1.4 DUB-RevE you should upgrade to a more recent version, e.g.: U-Boot 1.1.6 DUB-RevF6

2) You must set the U-Boot environment variables loadaddr and netosloadaddr correctly for your application image. They must be set to a value larger than size of the application image + 0x100000. The value does not have to be exact. For example, if your application is approximately 2.5 Megabytes, then you could set loadaddr and netosloadaddr to be 0x400000.

We recommend that you set loadaddr and netosloadaddr to be at least 0x700000 to make sure that all NET+OS example applications will load correctly. For example, to set the U-Boot environment variables to automatically boot NET+OS from flash to the load address 0x700000 you would do the following:

Open the serial console to the module (9600 8N1 by default), reboot the module, press a key when you see the message “Hit any key to stop autoboot”. Enter the following commands:

setenv loadaddr 0x700000
setenv netosloadaddr 0x700000
setenv bootcmd dboot netos flash
setenv loadbootsc no

Presumed you already have partitioned the flash for use with NET+OS with the flpart-tool.

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Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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