Bootstrapping options on ConnectCore wi-i.mx53 module

ConnectCore wi-i.mx53 module is internally bootstrapped to boot from FLASH. Additional external circuitry is required only if other user-selectable  boot options are required.
The CCWMX53 module has 10K configuration resistors to select the boot source. By default the module will boot from the Flash.
The bootstrap circuitry provided on the Jumpstart kit (developement board) is used to override the default boot configuration of the module.
If the customer wants to always boot from Flash they can remove all the boot circuitry, pull-ups and pull-down from their board. They have to check that the lines involved on the boot process (EIM_A22,EIM_A21, EIM_A20, EIM_DA0, EIM_DA6 and EIM_DA7) are floating at the beginning of the boot process (while the reset line is at low level).
Last updated: Jun 07, 2019

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