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Brief description of all standard config files on the CM

All config files are in /tmp/cnf and subdirectories off it.  Here is a brief description of them as of the 1.9.5.x firmware:
--             ./.ssh = Stores user’s public keys.
--             ./.usracctl = All and port restriction user access ctrl.
--             active_detect = Script used for active port detection.
--             chap-secrets = Chap authentication info when using PPPoE.
--             client.pem = Web Certificate
--             ./cluster/cluster.conf = Signifying the master when using 'cluster'.
--             ./cluster/unit#.conf = Cluster "Slave" port info.
--             dhcpcd.opt = Reuse old IP at boot on DHCP failure.
--             ez-ipupdate.conf = Dynamic DNS info for IP assigning.
--             group = User group info.
--             host.conf = Searching hosts methods.
--             hosts = Host file.
--             interfaces = Basic loopback (lo) and ethernet interface (eth0) info (Ip, gateway, etc).
--             ipfiltering = Stores all IP filtering data.
--             ./keywords = Files are created via ports that are configured to alert with specific keywords put in.
--             krb5.conf = Kerberos config file.
--             login = CLI login file.
--             ./menu = All custom menu info, .xml files.
--             pap-secrets = PAP auth via PPPoE.
--             passive_detect = Script used for passive auto port detection.
--             passwd = User password file.
--             ./power = All power controller info.
--             pppoe.conf = Config file for PPPoE
--             redirect.cnf = Has all the basic port and portaccessmenu config.
--             resolv.conf = DNS config file.
--             ./rports = Remote ports directory.
--             ./rports/rports# = Specific remote port info dir.  Contains param and port_info files.
--             server.pem = Stores the private keys when using SSH with key certification.
--             shadow = The secure passwd file.
--             snmpd.conf = All snmp info.
--             sshd_config = All basic ssh daemon config.
--             system.cnf = Basic network config info (IP, gateway, etc).
--             timezone = Timezone config file.
--             version = Firmware version.

Last updated: Jan 04, 2024

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